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003765 Premier
003765 Premier


003765 Premier!

///Key Points
Rates24 hours flat rate.
Billing Increment 6 seconds
Available fromMobile phones and landlines in Japan
How much ?¥12 to the US from a landline.
¥30 to the US from a mobile phone.
RequirementsYou need to register your phone numbers with Primus.
Access ChargesNo access charge if you dial 003765

Calling overseas with 003765 Premier is extremely simple. Works both from a Fixed and mobile phone.

  Country Code  
  Area Code  
  Phone Number  
That's it!

Domestic Calls with 003765 are very simple too !

  Japanese Mobile number
ex: 090 1234 5678
That's it!.
/// From Fixed Phone and Mobile !
003765 makes your life more simple.
You can use 003765 from both your Fixed phone and Mobile phone.
/// From Hikari-denwa
Unfortunatelly, 003765 is unavailable from Hikari-denwa.
However, we offer you another way to make international call with Networld. Please click here for more information.
003765's invoice is clear, handy and provides all the information that you will need: call details, calls per caller, calls per office's department, etc.
Please see below some samples of our invoices :
**Invoice (1)**
///For more information about 003765, please download the User Guide (PDF)
///Various payment method!
Individual: Credit Card / Direct debit from Bank or Post office
Corporate: Credit Card / Direct debit from Bank or Post office / Bank transfer / Convenience store payment

(JCB, Visa, Diners, Master, Amex)
You can sign up directly on the web, or print the application form (PDF) and return it by FAX to 03-5561-5680.

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